07 July 2008

DIAG: "Touch of Evil" Tracking Shot

This is a diagram I created that follows the opening tracking shot of Orson Welles', "Touch of Evil." The diagram posits the possible camera path through space, while taking note of the time during the sequence. This sequence was filmed in Venice, california but set in a U.S./Mexico border town.

diagram 0:00 = 0:11 youtube clip

09 May 2008

lulu problems????

Be sure to download and review your print-ready file on lulu. If it is rotating your format from landscape to portrait, which for some inexplicable reason it may, use the InDesign file at this location:


Copy and paste your content into the file.

when exporting your .pdf be sure that your compatibility is set to Acrobat 4 in the export dialog box.

08 May 2008

required cover info

The following must appear somewhere on the cover of your final document in at least 8pt. font:

visible certainty
ARCH 390/790 (whichever is applicable)
spring 2008
instructor: chris cornelius, assistant professor
school of architecture and urban planning

22 April 2008

keeping file size low

For your document progress submissions use the pdf settings in the image. When you export from InDesign you will get the "Export Adobe PDF" dialog. This will reduce image quality some, but should remain good enough for me to asses your documents while reducing the file size of your pdf significantly.

28 March 2008

Your Final Documents

As a source of inspiration and something to reference as you are preparing your final investigation documents, you should refer to the Pamphlet Architecture series. The previous six issues have been selected through competition and each have a particular topic of focus. PA 27 is a good example of how you should be incorporating text.

21 March 2008

lectures on slide share

An experiment. Let me know if you find this to be a useful interface. The PowerPoint transitions do not seem to translate after upload and some of the graphics appear to be displaced. If you would like to see larger or full screen, you must view in Slide Share. BTW, if you ever wondered how many shitty PowerPoints there are in the world Slide Share is a good place to find out!

18 February 2008

useful books

These are a couple of books that I have found as a useful reference for both Illustrator and Flash.

Flash: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0321502914
Illustrator: http://www.amazon.com/Illustrator-Windows-Macintosh-Visual-QuickStart/dp/0321510453/ref=pd_sim_b_img_2

17 February 2008

illustrator tutorials

I am still playing with the technology a bit in order to get the right mix of file size vs. quality. I think recording to a flash file may be the best bet, but a couple of the files are .avi and are larger.