21 February 2009

painting diagrams

Selections thus far:

El Lissitzky: Huebner, Russell, Mabee, Christian, Lambrecht
Le Corbusier: Skeels, Hassett, Koehler, Badic
Malevich: Tesch, Spoehr, Hibbert, Stachowiak, Maciejewski

Email me your selections before next week's class.

17 February 2009

exercise 1.0 presentations

Wednesday's class presentations of your film projects will be ordered by film: Rope, Apocalypse Now and Memento. Each student will have approximately 9min. Time will be keep very strictly in order to give everyone equal time. Someone should checkout a projector cart for the class. Please bring your presentations via jump drive and load them on the computer at the beginning of class.

04 February 2009

required texts

Tufte, Edward, Beautiful Evidence, Graphics Press, 2006 ISBN: 0961392177

Allen, Stan, Practice: Architecture, Technique and Representation, Routledge, 2000 ISBN: 9057010720
> This book is out-of-print, but a new revised & updated version is supposed to be available soon and is on order through the Third Coast Co-op.

I will be teaching from the out-of-print version and I have a copy on reserve in the SARUP Resource Center.