12 April 2009

exercise 4.0_individual research

Your final exercise of the semester is a personal research topic. This topic may be related to your current/past studios, Mater's project topic or other topic that you would like to graphically research for this course. Your topic may be directly related, tangentially related or reciprocal to architecture(al) thought. You may critique conventions, processes or projects. You may also decide to explore phenomena that is not directly related to architecture, in that, it is not a building, drawing or other.

For 04.22 you must present your topic in the Pecha Kucha format. A 500-word written explanation of your topic must be included. Within your presentation you must clearly state the topic as a thesis of inquiry, your methodology for research and your expected out comes. Keep in mind, this topic mst be formated to fit the final document per the syllabus.

Please post any questions as comments to this post so that the entire class may benefit.


Dace said...

I'm having trouble deciding on a topic for Wednsday's lecture. I would like to pursue a topic that would aid my studio project, which is as you know about chambers. Briefly, the points are as follows:Chambers, Progression of Knowledge between chambers, and finally Play within and between the chambers. I was thinking I could do some kind of analysis of containment, like when we feel contained or not and why. I could ask students in classes a few questions about factors that influence whether they feel this way. Otherwise, I was thinking I could look into movement patterns within my building based on days of the week and see if that may inform better plans or sections. Like I said, not really convinced of either of their validity yet. Any input?

ctc said...

These paths of thought sound far too loose and un-defined to be fruitful in the remainder of the semester. You need to have a fairly resolute question about something that can be tackled in just a few weeks.

Jayna said...

Do we need to have the 500 word essay completed for tomorrow?

And are we required to have any actual diagrams for tomorrow? Or are we basically introducing and summarizing our intentions/possible outcomes of this research assignment to the class?

ctc said...

You do need to provide a 500-word essay explaining your topic, methodology and outcome. You may have diagrams that help explain your topic and these may just be sketches at this point.