01 February 2010

Discussion questions for Feb. 2nd

Discussion leaders: Arteaga & Carlucci

Beautiful Evidence. Tufte
What are the six analytical design principles Tufte cites in reference to Charles Joseph Minard's data map?

The purpose of the analytical diagram is to aid in thinking and provoke reasoning among the consumer, how is this presentation more or less effective than other organizations of information such as an essay?

What graphic elements are used to describe the content of the diagram? What role does visual heirarchy play?

Visual Thinking. Arnheim
Can and how does abstraction bridge the notions of perception and thinking?

According to John Locke, "abstraction is an organization of the mind that passes beyond the concrete and has freed itself from it." In this case, are inracerebral perceptions (memories, feelings) abstractions?

What is the relationship between grouping/classification/generalization and abstraction? How does each feed into the other?

How is perception limited and how does abstraction aid in a more specific understanding?

Describe the difference between a container concept and a type?

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