08 March 2010

Discussion for March 09

1. The most common data display is a noun accompanied by a number. How can Sparklines increase their visual effectiveness?

2.Tufte gives some examples of Sparklines used in a linear fashion ..... medical monitorings, Baseball wins and losses, and Mouse neurons. How can Sparklines be used in non-linear way?

3. Why the construction of Sparklines require thinking about their design and production?

4. How does Parallelism connect visual elements? How are visual elements disconnected by parallelism?

5. In What ways can parallelism be experiential? Interpretive?

6. How can Parallelism increase the visual effectiveness in Mapping?

7.How can faulty Parallelism lead to misinterpretations?

8.How can we integrate Sparklines and Parallelism into architecture? What are the possibilities and benefits?

By. Blake & Umesh

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CrisisMaven said...

Found more valuable sources in your blog roll, thanks! will pit your blog into my resource list. Check out the Data Visualisation References resource list!