08 November 2010

OMA's Plan for Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District

OMA's plan for Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District from OMA on Vimeo.

This is an excellent hybrid of fly-through and renderings of specific elements/spaces that are being described. The places of focus are always put into context by seeing the whole plan each time. The camera flies to a specific place and we are shown a rendering of it. In one particular portion, we see four renderings of North, South, East and West elements together on the screen.  Seeing things in comparison is a better cognitive method of communication.

The renderings are done well because they do not suggest that they are complete photo realistic images of an imagined place. They emphasize distinct elements and movement=emphasis (ala Ken Burns).

Perhaps the only (slightly) pretentious part is the use of Rem as the main character.

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