11 July 2011


Notations + Diagrams: Mapping the Intangible

1. How does Allen define the difference between notation and diagram? When is it most effective for architects to use diagrams versus notations according to Allen? And do you agree w/ his points of view on this regard?

2. After Goodman’s distinguishes broadly between two types of art forms autographic and allographic, he goes further and states, “that architecture is neither clearly” either pg. 46. What does he mean by this statement?

3. “If architecture is to work beyond the level of image it needs to invent new tools to work more effectively w/ in the immaterial networks and systems that comprise the city in the late twentieth century” pg. 59. What creative new tools is Allen suggesting that architects develop to address these issues?

4. How beneficial would it be for architects to study or incorporate other forms of disciplines in their work such as film, theater, dance and music?

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