14 November 2011

Week 11 Readings - Research Methodologies - Corbett/Bartlett

Week 11 – Discussion Questions
Mike Corbett and Evan Bartlett

Research Methodologies
16 Nov 2011

Practice – Stan Allen (Intro)

1 - Allen states that “The practice of architecture tends to be messy and inconsistent precisely because it has to negotiate a reality that is itself messy and inconsistent.”  What are the risks we, as architects, face when attempting to keep the “messy” intact?  (XI – P.1)

2 - What is our responsibility, if any, as architects to challenge the protocols of normal practice?  (XII – P.2)

3 - Is it a correct response to avoid “known situations” and “safe repetitions” inherent in following these protocols of normal practice?  (XII – P.2)

4 - How does theory benefit architectural practice, and vice versa?  (XIII – P.1)

5 - Allen speaks of architecture as a material practice as opposed to a discursive one.  
What are the differences between these two practices?
What makes architecture a material practice?  (XIV – P.1)

6 - If meaning is not “something added” to architecture, where is meaning derived?  
 What gives architecture meaning?
 As such, can or should there be only one meaning?  (XIV – P.3)

7 - If meaning is a result of a “complex social exchange,” as Allen suggests, can there be static meaning in architecture, or more simply, does the meaning remain constant?  (XIV – P.3)

8 - How have the “immaterial effects of film, new media, and graphic design” aided in the enlargement of architecture’s catalog of available techniques?  (XVII – P.3)

9 - For Allen, the activity of writing is a part of his architectural practice.  Is this a necessity?
What other disciplines might complement our own practices?  (XX – P.2)

Beautiful Evidence – Edward Tufte (Chapter 5)

10 - Is there more information that could be added to further enhance the narrative, and, subsequently make Minard’s map more successful?

11 - Is this the most effective way to portray or present the information Minard wishes to present?

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