13 December 2011

Week 16


  • “It is precisely in such moments of change where critical thought and new theories are produced and practice is radically restructured.” (pg. 168) How has use of the computers in design restructured practice?

  • Has rapid prototyping been “instrumental in the generation of architecture?” Can you think of any examples where rapid prototyping has contributed to the physical make-up of a building?

  • Drawing, writing and building are important methods of architectural representation. Are any of these more important than the others?

  • “Networks of information and communication take place in an ‘other’ space where the major parameters are speed, time, and movement.” How can this be better incorporated with physical space?


  • What kind of program would be more appropriate for the presentation of analytic data?

  • Are the issues surrounding Power Point a result of its inherent functionality, or user error?

  • What does the Gettysburg Address example point out concerning the problems in Power Point? In what ways does PP-ifying the speech make it better or worse?

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