28 January 2014

Week 2 questions

1. TUFTE: Complete Robert E. Dahl's quote, "Policy-thinking is and must be ___-_____."
2. Does Minard's map explain how the soldiers died?
3. "Excellent maps, which are the heart and soul of good practices in analytical graphics, routinely integrate _____, _____, ____-____, _____, ____-____."
4. What visual method does Minard employ to more easily integrate additional information in his maps?
5. List the 6 Principles of analytical graphics.
6. What word is conspicuously absent from Minard's map on the invasion of Russia?
7. ARAHEIM: Can you succinctly clear up any of the confusion about what is concrete and what is abstract?
8. "In order to _______, one must first _______, but in order to ________ usefully one must already know how to __________."
9. Can you list the 3 difficulties with abstraction which were mentioned all in the same paragraph?
10. Spinoza said, "If a definition is to be called perfect, __________________________________________."
11. Mention at least one problem with classifying by containers?


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