07 April 2015

WEEK 11: Collage - Syntactic thinking

Collage making

1. If collage is placement of fragments and then they are spliced together, what are the possible correlations between collage and architecture?

2. Nicholson states (pg18) "it is necessary for an artist to use raw materials that is directly associated with the age in which he lives." What is the future of collage when are raw material is becoming more digital base?

3. What do you think Nicholson means when he said "Collage can be assembled in a manner that reflects the sense of coexistence of urban living?" (pg21).

Recovering Landscapes

4. Corner discusses the differences between landscape(landskip) and environment(landschaft) on page 154. When in your own environment you supposedly will not appreciate it as a landscape, and while visiting a landscape you will not understand it as an environment. Could this lead to a paradox of irresponsibility towards are own environment as long as there are other landscapes to visit?

5. Do you agree with corner about representational technique and the monotony of plan, perspective, and rendering? (pg162) What are the possible limits of using other forms of representational technique?

6. There is discussion about five families of image and eidos, how do you think the families of image relate to idea formation?(pg161)

Collage and Architecture

7. Shields points out the history and benefits of collage,  If collage can be used for analysis and design what are some possibilities that can be explored through collage?

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