22 September 2010

Notes on the Index by: Rosalind Krauss Post by:
Megan Lomas and Richie Hands
1. How is an index different than a symbol or an icon?

2. What are some examples of indeces from last week's lecture?

3. From Roger Brown's artwork?

4. Does an index always have to be visual?

5. Would an echo be considered an index?

6. A scent?

7. Is an index made stronger by adding a caption?

Andre Bazin states "The photographic image is the object itself, the object
freed from the conditions of time and space that govern it."

8. Who agrees with a photograph as an index?

9. Is it possible to abstract a picture? For example with use of framing,
extending shutter time, etc?

10. Would you consider a painting an index?

11. Which would be a stronger index? -a photograph or painting?

12. Why did Krauss place so much emphasis on the shifter, or referrential

13. Are pronouns a type of index?

14. What do you think Duchamp intended when titling works with plays on
words? Ex. Tu m', Rrose Selavy

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