18 October 2011

07- The Form of Data

Erin Okeson and Mary Burke

Tufte, “Parallelism”

1) Is there a certain method of parallelism that is more appropriate to utilize over another, in architecture or its design process?

2) Is it possible to depict images in parallelism without having some kind of code?

3) Is there another coding system that is as common to people as reading music?

4) Tufte explains that scale can interfere with effectiveness of parallelism, what other graphic elements could no longer make two images parallel?

5) In what situation would using a code be more appropriate than direct labeling?

Tufte, “Sparklines”

1) Can spark lines communicate more effectively than words? Or is there too much room for interpretation?

2) How have computers increased the use of sparkline graphics in daily life? Where are they most prominent?

3) What is the difference between an icon vs. a sparkline? What kind of situation would you use one over the other?

4) How does Durer’s engraving contribute to the definition of a sparkline?

5) How would you produce a sparkline that does not provide misinformation?

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