28 January 2013

abstract v. mimetic

  • (Tufte 130-131) Tufte talks about how 2-dimensional technologies "encourage" 2-dimensional (bivariate) thinking. Can the same be said for 2-dimensional technology's effect on inquiry? Why?
  • (Tufte 138) Why does representation of evidence become more verbal and less visual when the results yield poorly resolved explanations?
  • (Arnheim) Why does Arnheim belittle the distinction between what's "cement" and what's "abstract"?
  • (Arnheim 160) Arnheim says "a filter does not abstract." Why?
  • (Arnheim 161) What does Sussanne K. Langer mean by primary abstraction?
  • (Arnheim) What is a mechanism for abstraction?
  • (Arnheim 162-163) What's the importance of induction?
  • (Arnheim 171) Arnheim says that "an arbitrary selection of common traits is not often useful." Why is this?
  • (Arnheim) What makes for a defining attribute?
  • (Arnheim) What is the relation between generalization and concept?

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