27 January 2013

Tufte & Arnheim Week 2

  • P. 131 Tufte  "Like good information displays, explanatory investigations, if they are to be honest and genuine must seek out and present all relevant evidence regardless of mode."-        How significantly does this concept effect biases, especially when presenting evidence?

  • P 137 Tufte "If we ever see the analytical presentations of intelligent beings from other planetary systems, those designs will make multivariate casual comparisons."-                    Aliens?

  • P. 155 Arnheim- What is ontology?

  • P. 170 Arnheim- What does extirpate mean?

  • P. 174 Arnheim- What is entelechy?

  • P. 174 Arnheim-  Compare and contrast "Container concepts" vs. "Types"

  • P. 179 Arnheim-  What is "Normal variability"

  • Define abstract design.

  • Define abstract thought.

  • Is successful abstraction "dynamic" or "static"?

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