04 February 2014

CORNER.  James Corner describes mapping as a cunning technique used to expose new possibilities and to reveal that which had previously remained unseen.  How might we begin to perfect such a technique?  How can we speed up advancement of this technique?  How might we reorganize information that is already available to us in order to shed light on the unknown?

CORNER.  What are the four techniques Corner gives for more creative and intuitive mapping?

CORNER.  A pre-requisite to mapping requires some exploration of data.  Through this process the artifact becomes an exploration in itself.  This process is seemingly infinite; might it ever become an easily reduced process through practice?

TUFTE.  Tufte says, "for confirming alignments will pleasingly lock right into place if the desired answer is already known.".  What is Tufte getting at?

TUFTE.  "Mapping" tells us why an image matters.  What are a few examples Tufte describes as mapping?  Is one more important than most?  Are they all equally as informative?  Does it matter?  Why?

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