11 February 2014

Notes on the index

I. on page 202 index 1, "the project of depicting the self took on those qualities of enigmatic refusal and mask with which we are familiar."
      -what do you think that he believes the familiar to consist of?
      -why does it seem that we all wear masks?

II. throughout the reading narcissism is used often to describe the works of art. Why do you think that is?

III. after reading notes on the index how has it changed how you think about art? and how pivotal do you think the index is today?

IV. How does the way that Krauss view on visuals compare to those of Tufte? Do you think that both convey there message well?

V. does the form of abstract painting allow for more expression and interpretation than photographs? Which do you think gives better examples to index?

VI. (218)"The directive which the caption given to those looking at pictures in illustrated magazines soon become even more explicit...", What do you make of this statement?

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