18 February 2014

The Narrative Armature

Rob Gordon, Buck Knitt

Davids- Storyboards

A story has a beginning, middle, and end; does an architecture project/ building?

How are storyboards different from cartoons?

Baldessari uses the viewer as a protagonist in his story. Who are the characters in an architecture project and who would play what role?

Do you think putting the early sketch next to a finished work is effective? Why might people argue for/ against it?

How would using storyboards help your current studio project?

McCloud- The Vocabulary of Comics

Cartoons and comics require the viewer to invest themselves into the subject matter. What other scenarios do we face that require us to insert our own consciousness in such a manner?

What is the power in using cartoons to convey adult subject matter?

McCloud offers a three pointed triangle called “the realm of the art object” bound by Art, Nature, and Ideas. Are there any other factors that might contribute?

As portrayed in the painting of a pipe, we often take things for granted, or make assumptions. In what ways do we do this in our education?

Does productive abstraction produce simplification?

If amplification comes through the simplicity, is Less More?

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