18 February 2014

The Narrative Armature

Clayton Massey


What is the value of "sequential art" ?

How do different styles of comics translate to different genres? Does more sophisticated art directly translate to a more mature audience?

Is there room for photorealism in comics? Sin City blended the mediums (film and graphic novel) on screen.  Can this be introduced to print?


What techniques can we use to better connect a storyboard of sequential architectural spaces like seen in Le Corbusier's jardin suspendu of the Warner project in Geneva? What graphic additions could be made, visual cues implemented?

What kind of effects (positive or negative) could be derived from using different perspectives, ratios, colors or graphic styles in images arranged in the same storyboard?

What kind of advantages and disadvantages does a virtual walk through of a building have compared to a storyboard of key moments in the same building?

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