14 April 2013

cornelius: thesis studio 2013-2014

Nicholas Szczepaniak_A Defensive Architecture
possible topics:
+ pushing the boundaries of digital rendering
+ use of collage/montage
+ descriptive geometry
+ image/model hybrids
+ analog/digital hybrids
+ diagramming and mapping
+ architectural narrative

eight students – option b
fall 2013:
you will enroll in arch 794 pre-thesis (3 cr.)
+ topic development
+ readings and discussion on image/representation
+ technique exercises – analog/digital

spring 2014: 
you will enroll in arch 891 master’s project (6 cr.)
+ must have at least one additional committee member

+ 500-word abstract of your thesis idea/topic of exploration.
+ the five (5) best images you have created to date.
email these items in .pdf to christc@uwm.edu

I will set-up individual meeting after reviewing your material.

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