29 April 2013


Part of my post is set up for the full spread of the book (18 x 7), so it is hard to read. I included a second embeded html for the broken view so it is easier to read the specifics. Sorry for the confusion. I did not know how else to fix this. Email me if you want the easy to read PDF. Thanks. - Dana (drwells@uwm.edu)


John Annis said...

Is everyone scared to post on your project?

It seems very interesting, but I am not able to follow without the aid of you being there.

I know this is your thesis, but do you think some of the abstract mapping could ever hold up on its own without the designer there to speak about its meaning? Or is it solely for the designer to know its reasoning and just art to the outside viewer?

Evan Crossman said...

John makes a good point, while all the graphics are visually compelling and the narrative successfullt pieces the individual items together, as a whole composition there might be some changes that will begin to answer johns question.