09 April 2013

Week 12- Research Methodologies

 Allen, “Practice vs. Project”

-What is “techne” and how is it related to the reading? (XI)

-Allen says, “The practice of architecture tends to be messy and inconsistent precisely because it has to negotiate a reality that is itself messy and inconsistent.” Do you think reality will always be messy and inconsistent? (XI)

-Why do you think architecture cannot “approach the transparency and speed of other medias?” (XIV)

-Allen states, “The activity of writing for me is part of the practice of architecture.” When do you find writing useful in the practice of architecture? (XX)

Salomon, “Experimental Cultures”

-Salomon states, “to design – you must first research the context it operates in and on.” What are some ways you have researched context and how did you use it in your design? (36)

-“The move away from individual thesis toward theacher-led, group research projects represents a diminished role for intuition in the design process.” What is Salomon's counter-argument? (42)

-What would you want in your concluding architectural course?

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